Dibaba is Olle Cornéer. Every night he imports bleeps from Dada Land. He calls it music.

He always votes yes to everything. You should too.

It’s more fun.

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“Auf der Rückseite zeigt er dann, daß er mit ähnlich zertörenden Beats auch eine ganz andere, dunkle, aber funkige Stimmung erzeugen kann. Überraschend und sehr cool.”
“The Truth Blending Consortium” - 5/6 - De:Bug

“Some records instantly grab you for trying out stuff others wouldn’t even dream of. ‘The Truth Blending Consortium’ could soon turn into an unexpected biggie.”
“The Truth Blending Consortium” - 8/8 in M8 Magazine

“Manchmal sogar süß und supersexy mit perfektem Pop-Appeal.”
“Songs for Good Lives” CD - 6/6 - Raveline

“Efter att singeln Kill Rock´N Roll (Let It Bleed) träffade rockmusiken som ett elektroniskt hugg i sidan har jag väntat på att Dibabas fullängdare skulle släppas. Nu är den här och den är lika vansinnigt bra som singeln.”
“Songs for Good Lives” CD - Groove Magazine

“Bref, 10 morceaux et des singles qui peuvent atteindre beaucoup de bags DJ. On vous reparlera de Dibaba très prochainement à coup sûr… ”
“Songs for Good Lives” CD - 4/5 - Only For DJ’s

“It’s sometimes deep, often techny, frequently electronic and most strangely poppy.”
“Songs for Good Lives” CD - 4/5 - iDJ

“Irgendwie seltsam verschrobene Platte. Verspielt bleepende House-Tracks mit einem Hang zur elegisch jammernden Melodieführung mit leichtem Kitschdrall wechseln sich mit plinkernden Elektronika-Tracks ab.”
“Songs for Good Lives” CD - 4/5 - De Bug

“The chrome coldness of Olle Cornéer’s physics pulsate and effervesce at sharp, shrill angles; sinewy, liquid house and synthetic switch-hits meddling with frequencies and sonic genetics…”
“Songs for Good Lives” CD - 4/5 - DMC Update

“This is a bleepy, almost synth-pop take on dance music that borrows as much from Detroit as it does Chicago and Sheffield.”
“Kill Rock’n'Roll (Let It Bleed)” - 4.5/5 - DJ Mag

“He’s about to get that massive slap on the back that he so rightfully deserves, for the electronic wizardry on “Kill Rock’n'Roll”, which comes on like early Kraftwerk before exploding…”
“Kill Rock’n'Roll (Let It Bleed)” - 5/5 - DMC Update

“One of those tunes you will happily listen to twice in a row, start-to-finish, and thus deserves the highest praise.”
“Organica (Dibaba Remix)” - 4.5/5 - DJ Mag

“‘A Gift To The Night’ sees him rise to the top of the pile once again and stake his claim as one of the best new names in electronic music around.”
“A Gift To the Night” - 4/5 - Top Tune in iDJ Magazine

“Taking control of his bleeps and clicks, the Swedish producer has come up with something that is closer to songs than the techno nonsense that clutters up the corners of obscure record shops. And, yes, you can dance to it.”
“A Gift To the Night” - 5/5 - Sureplayer in DJ Mag

“‘Facing You Slowly’ is in that grey area between techno and house, taking elements from each to produce what must be the most soulful track on this page”
“Facing You Slowly” - 4/5 - iDJ Magazine

“…it can’t fail to have the floor screaming in delight. Brilliant.”
“Hold You” - Techno tune of the month - iDJ Magazine

“‘Hold You’ sees rich, sweeping chords and pounding drums periodically give way to a breakdown designed to melt even the hardest techno cynic´s heart.”
“Hold You” - HIT! in Jockey Slut, June 2003

“We’re teased throughout by snippets of the drop, but nothing in the world can prepare you for the mind twisting beauty of the full breakdown. Three quarters of the way through it´s unleashed in all its glory for one hell of an ‘all uniting dancefloor moment’.”
“Hold You” - 7/8 in M8 Magazine

“…there’s tinkly pianos leading up to a hands in the air chorus, which sounds very familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s a biggun.”
“Hold You” - 4/5 in 7 Update

“This track from Stockholm’s Olle Corneer is an unusual mix of thundering progressive beats and moody bassline, paired with an uplifting vocal chant. It doesn’t sound like these elements should work together, but here they do.”
“Hold You” - 8/10 in Dotmusic

“Dibaba’s “Hold You” is a first rate, twisting, progressive groover. Dark drums provide the back drop for the hugely uplifting vocal swell that will do exactly what it says on the tin the moment it drops on the dancefloor.”
“Hold You” ­ - Tune of the week on the BBC.co.uk

“I’ve been playing it in a few places, and it’s one of these huge, huge records. Everyone’s just hands in the air.”
Seb Fontaine on “Hold You ­” - V.I.P-record of the week

“The sidelong title track, courtesy of Stockholm newcomer Olle Cornéer is one of those tunes that has you running across the floor to trainspot shamelessly in the DJ booth. It’s built simply but perfectly from rippling congas, radiant keys and a bluesy diva wail that splits you in two every time - and the growling organ line whips up and down like a zipper implanted right above your heart.”
“Flow My Tears, the DJ said” - The Wire magazine, june 2002