The Tiger Back The Tiger Front
The Tiger EP (Deeplay Soultec) - 2007
The Tiger and Izzy the Push live together in a flat at the edge of town. You don’t want to meet them.

A - The Tiger

B - Izzy the Push

- - -

boogiefront.jpg boogieback.jpg

All We Need (Emergency) (Boogie Farm) - 2006
We live in strange times. There’s terror & super-consumption, new technologies & accelerating globalization, celebrities walking the streets of sprawling CCTV-cities…all vibrating every split second of the day. I love it. This is a celebration of our times. Don’t miss the brilliant remixes by Tomas Andersson from Bpitch.

A1 - All We Need (Emergency)

A2 - All We Need (Emergency) (Tomas Andersson Remix 1)
B1 - All We Need (Emergency) (Tomas Andersson Remix 1)

- - -

truthback.jpg truthfront.jpg

The Truth Blending Consortium (Plong!) - 2006
The first singel from the upcoming album - “The Super Mall Serving Variety” - is a simple and effective affair with a riff that won’t leave you that easily. The record also features a shimmering remix by Anders Ilar, as well as a teaser from the upcoming album.

A1 - The Truth Blending Consortium 12″ Edit

A2 - The Truth (Anders Ilar mix)
B1 - Lose Everything 12″ Edit

- - -

cs227083-01a-big.jpg cs227083-01b-big.jpg

Saved in Dada Land EP (Gigolo Records) - 2006
The sweetest bang on my command. Don’t forget that you were saved in Dada Land. Released on DJ Hell’s Gigolo Records the hot summer of 2006. The A-side is all dirty bleeps and stompy beats, while “Happy Birthday Mr President” is…well more of the same. Only more stupid. Think techno for idiots.

A - Don’t Forget That You Were Saved in Dada Land

B - Happy Birthday Mr President

- - -


Skiftet (Container) - 2006
What happens if you put eight electronica producers in a studio and force them to work under strict conditions? First, it was really hot, and the coffe machine sucked…but the result is still beautiful! “Skiftet” is released as an audio cd together with a short documentary DVD of the event. It’s art, stupid.

3. 11.15-12.15 Dibaba

- - -

Newcleus Front

Dibaba vs Newcleus - Destination Earth (1999) (Deeplay Soultec) - 2006
This track was released originally 1984 by space funksters Newcleus. That was a good year, but the future is now. Here are three brand new takes on the classic tune.

A1 - Destination Earth (1999) (Dibaba’s Starry Dynamo Remix)

B1 - Destination Earth (1999) (Martin Brodin Soultec Dub)
B2 - Destination Earth (1999) (Dream 2 Science Remix)

- - -

cs189039-01a-big.jpg cs189039-01b-big.jpg

Love Train (Deeplay Soultec) - 2005
The second single from “Songs For Good Lives”. Includes three brilliant remixes + the original version. Andreas Tilliander chops it all up, while John Dahlbäck goes for the 303 action.

A1 - Love Train (Andreas Tilliander Remix)
A2 - Love Train (Original mix)

B1 - Love Train (John Dahlbäck Acid Train Mix)
B2 - Love Train (KFK’s Dar-K Remix)

- - -

Songs For Good Lives Front Songs For Good Lives Back

Songs For Good Lives (Deeplay Soultec) - 2005
The debut album. A good mix of bleeps, beats and songs you can listen to - as well as fill up a dance floor with. Received nice reviews all over!

1 - My Revolution

2 - Kill Rock’n'Roll (Let It Bleed)

3 - When She’s Feeling Small

4 - Better Know Your DNA
5 - Love Train

6 - I Hope Heaven Waits For The Ordinary People
7 - You’re The One
8 - Desert Nights

9 - The Hour Of The Wolf

10 - Coming Home

- - -

We Are Stardust (We Are Golden) Back

We Are Stardust (We Are Golden) (White) - 2005
Singa-a-long: We are stardust, we are gooooolden. First few copies features a famous sixties vocalist, but was quickly changed to someone more co-operative.

A - We Are Stardust (We Are Golden) (Rough Mix)

B1 - We Are Stardust (We Are Golden) (Smooth Mix)
B2 - We Are Stardust (We Are Golden) (Rough Dub)
- - -

Kill Rock'n'Roll (Let It Bleed) Front Kill Rock'n'Roll (Let It Bleed) Back

Kill Rock’n'Roll (Let It Bleed) (Deeplay Soultec) - 2005
First single from Dibaba’s debut album. Received nice reviews all over - for example 5/5 in DMC Update and 4,5 in DJ Mag in the UK. Includes a fantastic remix by Tomas Andersson of BPitch Control.

A1 - Kill Rock’n'Roll (Let It Bleed)

A2 - Kill Rock’n'Roll (Let It Bleed) (Instrumental version)
B1 - Kill Rock’n'Roll (Let It Bleed) (Tomas Andersson Remix)
B2 - My Revolution

- - -

A Gift To The Night Front

A Gift To The Night EP (Skyline Records) - 2004
Melancolic melodies paried with deep beats. Got 5/5 and was picked as single of the month in UK magazine DJ Mag. The B-side tune “On a Boat to Timbuktu” is actually inspired by a boat trip on the river Niger to Timbuktu. They said it should take three days. It took a week… We slept on a bag of rice. But you should have seen the stars at night.

A1 - A Gift To The Night
A2 - A Tabloid Soul
B1 - On A Boat To Timbuktu

- - -

Facing You Slowly Front

Facing You Slowly (Fluid Ounce) - 2004
This is possibly as deep as you can go. Released as a split 12″ with Dj La Luna on the other side.

A1 - Facing You Slowly

- - -
Hold You Front

Hold You (PIAS) - 2003
Anthem warning! It’s a bit cheesy-happy, but who cares with a build-up like this: “just want to hold, don’t want to hold you down.” And the Agoria Remix is even bigger. Plays from Seb Fontaine, Pete Tong and the usual suspects.

A1 - Hold You
B1 - Hold You (Agoria’s ‘Bear’ Mix)

- - -

Flow My Tears Front

Flow My Tears EP (WideLeft) - 2002
Soulful and electronic at the same time. The A-side “is one of those tunes that has you running across the floor to trainspot shamelessly in the DJ booth”, according to the UK magazine The Wire.

A1 - Flow My Tears, the DJ said
B1 - From My Window at Night
B2 - Ogun #2

- - -

You Know I Love You Front

You Know I Love You (Under The Counter) - 2001
The first Dibaba-record on vinyl! Electronic flavours mingle with soulful voices. The result? Sweet harmony of course…

A1 - You Know I Love You
B1 - Back In the Good Old Days
B2 - Back In the Good Old Days (Original)

- - -


VA Tunes (Tree-Top) - 2000
These tunes were released on the internet-based label Tree-Top. As this was before the (legal) mp3-revolution, the idea was that users could choose tracks and then got a cd with proper artwork sent to them. If I find them, I will put them up for listening. At the moment I can’t even remember how they sounded! I wouldn’t be surprised if they were bleepy and catchy as hell, though.

1 - Sleep Baby, Sleep
2 - Abiku Moaning
3 - Apart From Each Other
4 - Facets
5 - Fight For Freedom
6 - Kru Woman
7 - Nocturne #1
8 - The Bombay Bomb

- - -


Dada Life - Big Time (Dibaba Remix) (Breastfed) - 2006

- - -


Martin Brodin - Semitone Shuffle (Dibaba’s 7th Wave) (Deeplay) - 2005

- - -


Patrick Turner - Organica (Dibaba’s Hidden Motorway) (Airtight) - 2004

- - -


Gwill Morris - Time (Dibaba Remix) (Skyline Records) - 2004

- - -

Phasio - That Style Is My Style (Afro Electro House Remix) (Kaliber) - 2000