Yep. It was about time. And here it is: the brand new all improved Dibaba web page. The old one was just way to difficult to manage, with the result that it wasn’t updated very often. This new one is much easier to fill with pictures, music, videos and other important (and unimportant!) stuff.

For example its possible to listen to many releases and remixes. The ambition is to add more tunes as they are released, as well as most of the old ones (when I find them!). And maybe unreleased tracks.

I’ve also added a permanent page for all the people that want to remix the tunes (or just steal all the sounds). It will always be possible to mash up the latest single. And the best remixes will be published on this page. (What a glory!) At the moment there are four tracks from people that remixed songs from the debut album. But they’re still fantastic.

And since it’s so easy to publish on this page (probably too easy) I’ve added a new category - Daily Dada - where I will write about stuff not entirely related to the music. Call it a blog. Call it the fog… So what about you? Well, except listen to and remix the tunes, you can now also publish comments and feedback. So do please let me know what you think.

But this is just the beginning. In the near future this page will feature videos and pictures of live performances, and even complete live-sets for download. And even more to come! Of course there are things to fix before this page is finished. But compared to the old one, isn’t this one a little beauty…

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